Internet Banking Security Features

Securing Your Online Information

In an effort to ensure that The Napoleon State Bank is providing the most secure Internet Banking environment to our customers, we have implemented layers of security to help control and prevent fraud. These measures control how you identify yourself and gain access to your accounts through our internet banking product and are designed to prevent identity theft.

These layers of security include an image, image phrase, challenge questions, and PC registration. This will authenticate that you are the correct customer logging onto your site and will reduce the effectiveness of online Phishing scams. This solution provides the security feature needed to ensure that you are on The Napoleon State Bank website before entering confidential information.

Table of Contents:

Initial Login

On first login, the user will be prompted for RSA Security Enrollment
Customer enters User ID and Password

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Registered PC

On each subsequent login from a registered computer, after the customer enters User ID on the first screen, the second screen will show their image, authentication phrase and require the user to enter the password. If the Authentication Image and Authentication Phrase do not appear or do not appear correctly, do not continue logging into the system. Contact the bank immediately at 812-852-4002.

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Non-Registered PC

If the customer is logging in on a non-registered PC or has deleted the session cookies, the second screen would prompt them to answer the Challenge Questions setup during enrollment.
At this time, the customer may also choose to register this PC. Caution: A customer should not register any computer that they do not typically access you Internet account from (i.e. public computers)

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Updating Image, Image Phrase, and Challenge Questions

If the customer wants to change the image, phrase and/or challenge questions and answers, go to the Services>Security Maintenance.

By selecting Change Image/Phrase, the customer will see the current image and authentication phrase. They can then search through RSA’s images to select the one they want to utilize. RSA has over 38,000 images, there is an Image Saved for Further Review section to save up to four images before deciding on the final image. Click submit to save any changes. The next time the customer logs into Internet Banking, they will see the new image and phrase.

By selecting Change Questions/Answers, the customer will see the current questions and answers. The customer can make changes to the questions and/or answers and click Submit to save the changes. The next time the customer is challenged, they will see the questions they selected.

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