ÉLAN Secured Credit Card

ÉLAN Secured Credit CardEstablish Credit with the ÉLAN Secured Credit Card

At last. A way to establish a credit history by making an investment in your future. We can help you qualify for a Secured Visa® Card even if you haven't had the chance to establish credit yet. And if you've had credit difficulties in the past, the Secured Visa® Card can help you get back on track.

Outstanding Benefits

Worldwide Acceptance/Cash Access
Accepted at millions of locations worldwide. Cash access at over 703,000 ATMs worldwide.

24 Hour Toll-Free Cardmember Service
Prompt, friendly service available every hour, every day at 1-800-558-3424

Liability Protection

Cardmember is not liable for purchases made with a lost or stolen card. Replacement cards sent within 48 hours.

Convenient Calling Card Service
A Secured Visa® Card can be used as a calling card with no monthly service fee.

Between 20 - 25 Day Grace Period
Cardmember can take between 20 - 25 days to pay for purchases in full without accruing interest, or they can let the balance revolve to the next month's statement.

Free Extra Cards
Cardmember can share benefits of card use with members of their family.

Getting Started
Apply today by calling 1-800-558-3424 to find out more about how the Secured Visa® Card can help you establish or re-establish your credit.

We may change APRs, fees and other Account terms in the future as provided under Cardmember Agreement and applicable law.

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